Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall into Autumn

Fall is my favorite season by far! I love the sweather weather, the oranges, yellows and reds, the cooler temperatures to calm down the sweltering heat of NC summers, everything pumpkin-flavored -- and I enjoy it even more this year since fall isn't summoning me back to school!!

A few of my Fall favs:

NC Mountains -- preferably Boone, Wilksboro, Brevard.
Yes it really looks just like this on the Blue Ridge Parkway. My mom and I make a tradition of going every fall, and we're going next week -- to shop the mom and pop places, pack all my flannel, pick Honey Crisp apples, and ooh and ahh over the leaves.

pumpkins, gourds, and mums -- there's something so beautiful about them, especially the white ones!! and I plan on incorporating them in my future wedding.

Disney Princess pumpkin carving kit at Target?!! You best believe my cousin and I are carving these ASAP! The only problem is narrowing down which one to do! Even at 23, I'm still a sucker for Disney -- I have the multiple socks and old Disney cassettes that I bust out on my days off, to prove it.
The Keurig Mini!! What's sad is that I broke down and got the Fall Sampler -- which has ALL of my favorite things -- Pumpkin spice, hot apple cider, hot chocolate, and cappuccino in ONE big pack, BEFORE I ever went back to get the actual machine haha. My mom bought it for me for Christmas, and I felt that the bigger ones were too bulky -- the mini is the perfect size. It also does cold drinks like sweet tea, the bottom is removable incase your cup is bigger, and there are little filters you can put in called K cups, so you can put your regular coffee brew in there instead.

Flannel! It's so versatile and simple, yet so cozy and comfortable. You just throw it on and your outfit is done. No need for jewelry or anything else over the top. Loveee.

Flat ankle boots! (with skinny jeans and a sweater = comfort city!) I always wear flats because I hate heels, and I'm currently on the search for the perfect black boots. I found some amazing brown ones, at Target no less!

What are you favorite fall things?!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's official...

I'm an Oncology Nurse!!!

My top two choices were Oncology and PCU/Cardiac, the former being all day shift and every 3rd weekend, and the latter being 5 weeks days and 1 week nights per 6 week schedule with every 5th weekend. After thinking it over ...and over ...and over, and literally making and erasing and remaking a Pros and Cons list the night before my decision due at 9am the following morning ...I went with my first gut instinct. Initially going into all of this, my first was Mother Baby (since there isnt a NICU) but there isn't an opening there (but I have 6 RN's and two Dr's that said they have me in mind for future, which is awesome), so my top ranking was Oncology pre and post interview.

I finished my first week with my preceptor (only 3 weeks left til I'm on my own!) and I loved it! It stunk that I had already worked 3 back to back 12hr shifts Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and then 3 more Monday through Wednesday = 72 hours in 7 days has me beat.

But the fact that I am able to help cancer patients and make a difference, as wellas finally settling on a home unit, makes me giddy with contentment and relief.

God is good, all the time.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm a terrible updater...

So here's a modge podge of this past month!

Went to Greensboro to see the most amazing Hillsong United, in a night that truly blessed me like no other! God's amazing presence was in that coliseum (the same one that the ACC uses for basketball playoffs) and was a sold out crowd, all shouting and praising with their hands lifted high for our Father. I honestly could've stood there all night long, and had them keep the songs coming. It was incredible.
Another amazing thing about it was seeing all the un-stereotypical Christans there -- I'm talking the biker gangs, the tricked out thugs, the tattooed and pierced emo kids, the older business men, the dressed up ladies in heels, the teen girls with their Bieber shirts, the athletic frat boys, the sorority girls from various colleges, etc. all coming together under one roof to praise the same God that talks to all of us in a different way and relates to all of us individually.

I have continued my various floor shifts at the hospital and have done 2 weeks of Oncology, a week of Cardiac/PCU, a week of ICU, and this coming week will be my 3rd week of Mother Baby. I have absolutely loved all the floors, and had two interviews back to back after work on Thursday for Oncology and Cardiac, and then one the next morning for ICU. I will be reranking my love of the floors (which I am still on the fence about, as I have it narrowed down and in a lame pros and cons list a la Rory on Gilmore Girls, between Oncology and Cardiac.) I give my results on Wednesday and then find out on Friday, and start my home unit on Monday the 26th! Both units have me on requests already, its just down to making the final decision. On Cardiac I was even one of 3 people that they put on the "must have" board, which definitely make me feel good and I thought it was so sweet. Pray I pick the right area!
I absolutely love nursing and am so happy I picked a career that I truly enjoy getting up in the morning for!

Speaking of craziness, the Missoni line for Target blew my mind! I have been obsessed with Margherita for years, and find it so precious how the empire has been handed down from grandmother, to mother to her. She is so business savvy, poised, and down to earth -- unlike Paris Hilton and numerous other heiresses and I have always loved reading her plans and ideas for futhering the business. She has this amazing boho Italian vibe about her, and is like Ivanka Trump in bringing it to the next century. Also, the Missoni Hotel in England has always been a place I've wanted to stay! My favorite times on Rachel Zoe's show is seeing her interact with their closeknit family and showing all their amazing pieces. So when I found out Target was doing a line of theirs I couldn't contain my excitement, wrote it on my planner... and then forgot about it. Cue me having to work the day it launched, then coming home and seeing on Yahoo News that people crashed the Target site like 5 times, and were practically beating eachother in the stores all around. I mean really?! My hometown area that Target is in is definitely a little backwoods and janky, so I kept my calm and went the next day, not expecting 3/4 of everything to be demolished!! I managed to get the last blanket, the last shift dress in a Medium, the last cardigan in a large which I already took in on my sewing machine, and the only flats that they had left were 11's.
I went back the very next day, just for errand running, and the fashion gods blessed me with 3 size 8's and 2 size 8 1/2's (my normal size, but I needed an 8!) woohooo!! I still was planning on getting another shift and some photos, but I was pumped!

I had no idea this blanket was reversible in black and white til I got home and unrolled it on my bed -- then proceeded to squeal hahaha.
I'm still looking for

Also this cup and saucer set is so amazing, I cant even... (Also I want the shower curtain, the tray, the long rug, the horizontal striped shift dress, the maxi, the...)
Also, if you liked Hunger Games, you will LOVE Divergent by Veronica Roth. I absolutely loved it -- I laughed, I bawled my eyes out, I got chills. It was awesome.
Another amazing thing is, a 24-hour worship center that has had continual 24/7 365 worship for like 12 straight years day in and day out, since Sept 19, 1999. Whenever things are going south, or I'm on the computer in general, I look at and worship through their livestream webcam of their services. It is incredible!

Right now I'm kind of in a funk in my life at where I'm supposed to be. For so long my entire journey and gusto was all about getting into, surviving, and getting through Nursing School. But now that I'm out, I hadn't had the time or preparation to go from the take-one-day-at-a-time phase of my life, to focus on what I'd do once I finished. Granted I had a scholarship to my hometown hospital and was bent on coming back here to fulfill it and be closer to my friends, family, and hometown church -- but now I don't know what to do. I'm on the fence as to getting an apartment, saving my money to live fully out on my own -- I'm not ready to get married right this minute, and want to be able to prove to myself that I can live and pay my bills completely on my own and independant, but at the sametime I'm not sure if I'm where I'm supposed to be in my life. It's that whole post-college pre-official-adult phase that definitely has me confused. From day one my joy and passion as been NICU--ICU for newborn babies, and the closest place for that is 40 minutes away in the next college town, which the more I think about it, the more I'm not sure that that town is for me, permanently. I just don't really know if I'm where I'm supposed to be, or doing the right thing for me, and it's so frustrating and confusing sometimes.

and heres just the song, and the reason behind buying the Passion cd.

Here is the amazingness of Hillsong United, with a video that I guarantee will leave you in tears and chills. I dare you to try and not worship while it's on.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Emma Stone

I first saw her in Superbad and House Bunny (I know you love my movie selections lol!!), and then last year in Easy A (and I'm not even sure that that was her first movie as I didn't take the time to IMDB her) and honestly, even though I'm not the biggest fan of Gingers (besidesWendy and her frosties, and Shaun White), her hair is the most beautiful shade of red! I think she is beyond gorgeous and so genuinely cute. After reading The Help, which made me laugh and cry, and seeing the previews for it and Crazy Stupid Love (her, Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling in one movie?!) I am so pumped for new theater movies!
Here are some of my fav Emma (which is one of my most favorite names -- Emma Watson, Emma --Rachel and Ross's daughter, and one of my future's middle names!) looks

I love the punches of orange underneath her dress and on her clutch

It's crazy how good she looks going from red to blonde!!

And she's friends with Taylor!!

My personal fav is in Glamour Mag of her channeling her inner Carrie Bradshaw a la the opening sequence of each SATC episode! Love every minute of it.

reblog from

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Please pray for London

I can't understand the terror and turmoil going on in the world today, and the videos and pictures of the spreading riots, deaths, looting, fire, and chaos is devastating. Now more than ever, we need to pray and draw closer to Him. Please pray for the people of London.

7 generation family business up in flames

Despite everything, I still believe people are good at heart.
-Anne Frank
Citizens armed with brooms for a huge clean up spree

Saturday, August 6, 2011

RN Tips

I am by no means an expert when it comes to nursing and tips and tricks to get you by -- infact with only 2 years of nursing school and my first shift as an official RN (and able to write it behind my name now on everything!) I'm a downright novice. But I've already had some amazing and experienced nurses give me tips of how to get by --

Cuticle oil is amazing!! Since we can't have any painted nails (only clear or french tip) and I am the painted nail Queen -- I don't discriminate colors and paint mine every single color over the rainbow, depending on mood and current events (green for the Masters, red/yellow for Gryffindor for the Harry Potter midnight premiere, purple for ECU football games, etc.) I had to find a way to keep my nails from not being so dry from no polish being on them and cuticle oil is the bomb and soo easy! Just slather it on and coat your whole nail, as well as the skin all the way around it and then let it dry! Completely and fully. It makes your nails soft and keeps them from being so brittle and dry, and lasts for days on end. I love Sally Hansens version with the moisturizer in it because it feels all lotiony.

Hair styles and updos are something I've been struggling with, as your hair as to be up for work and a basic everyday pony tail or bun can be boring. So I love Google imaging ideas and trying them. Here are some favs. (Though the braids are for when my sister is up at the same time I am because for some reason I can't braid my own hair)

fishtail braid

hair knot

two head bands with a messy bun

pigtail braids then bring them up and pin them on top of your head

bun with a side braid to keep your bangs back

braided pigtails kept down at the nape of your neck with bobbypins

high ponytail with a strip of hair wrapped around the hair tie

low ponytail with headband

messy ballerina bun

low side bun
up with a claw clip

ID wallet is a must because even though we have lockers with locks and our RN IDs are swipeable in the cafeteria (it adds up quickly and comes off of your paycheck!), I like to keep my cash on me at all times and what better than this small Vera Bradley one you can attach to your key ring on the way there, complete with a pocket for your license, debit card, etc.

All in one pocket organizer is amazinggg! I am not sure of the specific name of it, but it holds your bandage scissors, pens, highlighters, sharpies (to mark wound edges), penlights (to check cranial nerves and eye reactivity), a velcro pocket for cash, and a metal hook for your keys. RNs wear white tops and navy bottoms, so I am always worried about my pen leaking in my pocket and it's nice to have this as a buffer.

Thirty One bag and small pocket one. Thirty one is a Christian company based on Proverbs 31 (which is all about the traits of a Godly woman and I love!) and is hugely popular with nurses becuse of their amazing shoulder bag with outside pockets for work, as well as their smaller one to attach to the med and computer cart outside the patient rooms. You have pockets to fill it with bandages, syringes, tape, etc. and the bags are washable and easy to clean.

Alegria and Landau are two amazing shoe brands. I had Danskos in white for years and they're comfortable til the end of the day when they get heavy and the tops of your feet hurt. We have to wear shoes with backs, and the Landau Foot WeaRX are like walking on clouds!! I have these in brown and they are an amazing God send! My next pair is Alegria Mary Janes which people have been raving about! I plan on getting those in Patent Black.

ID reel. Since we have a basic everyday uniform of blue and white (which I'm not complaining, because I've always wanted to wear uniforms to school and love not having to think of what to wear in the morning!) the only area I can go crazy in is my jewelry accessories (my watch and earring studs -- both of which I have loads of in crazy colors) and my ID reel that attaches to my badge so I can swipe it. A lady at my nursing school hospital made these and I have a little basket full of them for every occasion (Alabama, ECU, Texas, Christmas trees, Fall Leaves, Jackolantern, Shamrocks, Hearts for Vday, H initial for my name, Snowman, Fireworks, Easter eggs, and on and on) and I love being able to change them according to season, holiday or mood.

Diabetic socks are amazing! and who am I to not practice what I preach? We put TED Hose and Diabetic socks on the patients to prevent blood clots, enhance circulation, and prevent spider veins and they feel so good wearing them all day! I have black, brown, and white and rock them!

Mens tanktop packs. White scrub tops equals white tanks underneath so when you're bending and moving you're all coverd, and what better deal than a trip to Walmart to the guys section for their $7 pack of 10 tanks. I love them!!
Also -- I got into Pottermore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately it wasn't on my own accord -- every day this week when I've gotten off of work, the site was closed. But my cousin's friend, who lives in London, was able to get me in it today and I was ecstatic!!!