Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catching up

Lots have happened since my hiatus....

My 23rd birthday

My old car :( RIP my love (2005 light blue Mustang) -- I literally cried when I traded it in, it had a lot of recent problems and had gotten over 90k miles, but we had been through sooo much traveling back and forth from Wilm and was my home on wheels for 5 years of two degrees.
My new love (2010 white Jeep Liberty) -- only mine has chrome doorhandles and side mirrors, a darker tint on windows and some East Coast swag ;)

NYC with lots of food

read lots of books

seen lots of movies

and now I'm doing Bible School with a group of all boys with an average age of 6. they are like this
but they teach me really cute things like how to dougie, how to treat siblings (be nice only in front of your mom and dad!), draw on papers and write me sweet letters with cute backwards letters and misspellings the way they sound, and drew on a keychain duuring crafts for me, get so excited over playing basketball with a flat kickball with Matt, slurp juiceboxes, tell me wild and crazy stories all animated, and freestyle beatboxing raps while waiting to switch groups. Little boys use to scare me to death, and they are definitely wild and crazy jumping off of any and everything -- but I love their sticky little faces and holding their paint-covered hands. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Nostalgia

I really have no idea why I haven't posted lately... I have done absolutely nothing but read all day, watch DVRed shows, played outside, baked things, stayed up til 2 or 3 and slept til noon, and just tried to relish in my last ever guilt-free and workless summer.

Things I love about summertime (I HATE the hot heat that NC gets!!! It's been in the 90's forever it seems!!)

So far I have read
(simply amazing. couldn't put them down, read them back to back in less than a week, and felt so wierd and lost when they were over!! i recommend them to everyone!)
(gave me an even bigger travel bug, and makes me regret never studying abroad... minus her numerous foreign ...conquests lol)
(she is so hilarious, i had tears in my eyes. definitely a R-rated book at times though)
(more like a mag than i thought, but i still adore her)
(simply amazing. i am obsessed with her as it is, but hearing the story behind her gutsy-blatant-out-there vibe and all shes overcome, and the way she hilariously explains things is spot on)

Now reading

(kind of disappointing so far. i mean this is the sex & the city author for pete's sake!)
(really great so far, amazing to think these are all his posthumous work and he'll never get to know how huge they are)

And this few weeks I plan on watching ALL of these (as I've only seen a couple, and bits and pieces of the others)

in preparation of truly appreciating this

Also, our College/Career 20's & 30's group at church has been really great so far. It is amazing getting to surround yourself with people with the same religion, morals and values as yourself, as I feel that postcollege and just entering precareer, it is great to have a sturdy foundation. I love the group we've grown close with, and am excited to see all that is in store.

Favorite moment of the CMTs last week was Jason Aldean (who I love! no laughing!!!) and Luda, singing one of my favorite songs at the moment "Dirt Road Anthem" -- what a great mashup.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I told you I'd be doing this face!!!

Well actually right now I'm still kind of stunned and subdued. I won't truly and seriouly be able to believe it until I get my license in the mail in a few weeks -- but this morning I was able to log onto the Board of Nursing website and look myself up as an RN!!!

Cue The Fresh Prince Carlton dance!!

There were 60 of us in my graduating class (like 80something when we started), and I am proud to say I was the youngest one overall (by a few months). I don't turn 23 for another 2 weeks or so, and I feel that that is a big accomplishment. I am so honored and proud to have been in a class with so many working, married, parents (or a combo of the 3) and seeing how they were able to perfectly juggle it all. They are true Wonder Moms and Dads and I hope to one day be half the person they are.

For now, my job doesn't start til July 18th -- so I am going to soak up EVERY OUNCE of my month and 16 days left!!!! Books downloaded on the kindle, library card renewed, dates set to go to the CC pool, on the boat and walking across his front yard to the 18th hole to play golf, beach trips (now that I no longer live 5 miles away, and it's more like 70), and maybe another quick NYC trip in. If only it'd get cooler -- it's been in the 90's in NC for weeks now!

For now -- fingers crossed on my job. I'm doing the new grad program where I choose 3 areas, depending on availabiilty, to work in and then narrow it down -- so pray that Mother Baby/Postpartum, Newborn Nursery, and PCU/Critical Care are all available!!!