Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's official...

I'm an Oncology Nurse!!!

My top two choices were Oncology and PCU/Cardiac, the former being all day shift and every 3rd weekend, and the latter being 5 weeks days and 1 week nights per 6 week schedule with every 5th weekend. After thinking it over ...and over ...and over, and literally making and erasing and remaking a Pros and Cons list the night before my decision due at 9am the following morning ...I went with my first gut instinct. Initially going into all of this, my first was Mother Baby (since there isnt a NICU) but there isn't an opening there (but I have 6 RN's and two Dr's that said they have me in mind for future, which is awesome), so my top ranking was Oncology pre and post interview.

I finished my first week with my preceptor (only 3 weeks left til I'm on my own!) and I loved it! It stunk that I had already worked 3 back to back 12hr shifts Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and then 3 more Monday through Wednesday = 72 hours in 7 days has me beat.

But the fact that I am able to help cancer patients and make a difference, as wellas finally settling on a home unit, makes me giddy with contentment and relief.

God is good, all the time.

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