Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free at last!

(well, as of Saturday it will be legit official -- but with my average (before grade replacements, group projects, and collaborative testing factored in...) is already at an 80!)

I feel like i've been let out of prison!! I have studied every waking minute, felt immense guilt when I wasn't studying, got up at 530am more times than I can count, so I can be on the floor taking report and seeing my patients at 630am in the rain, sleet, snow, darkness, and hurricane warnings, spent so many hours in the library I felt like I should drag a cot up there to the corner, cried my eyes out, laughed til I cried, sweat with anticipation of a test and felt so nauseated I could hardly stand it. BUT IT IS OVER AND FINISHED!!!!!!

I literally sat on the couch last night, in stunned silence, and just watched mindless tv and read magazines and organized stuff on my dresser and started sorting through clothes -- JUST BECAUSE I COULD!!

Nursing school has a hold on you for those 2 years like no other! Never in my life, with all my constant full load of classes, projects, tests, instructors, balancing friends and work and class and family, have I ever felt the pressure and emotions like in nursing school.

I just can't wait til my NCLEX review is behind me, I pack up all my belongings to bring back to my hometown, take my boards, and put RN behind my name!!!

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