Friday, May 13, 2011

Prom Nostalgia

A few weekends ago I was out with Matt at a restaurant in town, and all of a sudden these gorgeous (way older-looking than I felt we ever were in high school!) kids come in in their gorgeous dresses and tuxes, and it dawned on me that it was prom time!! It also dawned on it that it had been 5 (FIVE!!) years since I went to prom!! I feel so old, and kind of blew it off. (But told the girls how beautiful they looked in their dresses! Because everyone can appreciate a good dress!)

But then, watching this past week's Glee episode made me insanely nostalgic about prom!!
Granted, at the time I was not so into going to prom -- especially because my high school bf went to a different school and both junior and senior years our proms were back to back on a Friday/Saturday, which equaled 4 proms total, and a 48 hour period of getting hair done, makeup on, uncomfortable dress on, taking blinding pictures, meeting up with groups of friends, being out late, and getting up early to do it all again til the wee hours. But Glee's rendition of prom (minus that annoying Friday song!!) made me reminisce!!

Quinn looked like a freakin angel in that gorgeous blue dress, channeling a modern day Cinderella -- but it was Rachel's twirly baby pink dress that got me coveting!! It was tea-length and perfect for a summer day, and I couldn't help googling images of it and trying to figure out where I could get a knock off! Love every minute of it!

And of Artie's version of "Isn't She Lovely". Perfection.

Throwback = my senior prom!! This is a group picture, but I just cropped me out to keep others from being up there! As soon as I find my junior pics, I'll put that!
What was your favorite prom memory?

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