Sunday, July 17, 2011

It all ended

From the first movie

To the very last

It was such a bittersweet moment from the time the lights went down and everyone in the audience squealed with delight, to the gasps, laughs, and sniffles from the audience (including a grown man blowing his nose loudly, which made me swallow hard) to the final seconds in the darkness with the sinking feeling that it was all over, everyone relishing in it and quietly remembering the last 10 years of their lives growing up with Harry Potter and knowing that the end of their childhood had come, to the slow but quickly deafening claps of the audience moments later as the credits rolled. I was a little upset that people weren't all dressed up like crazies, but then the more I thought about it -- as people walked in with Quidditch jerseys, teen and 20's guys with their Gryffindor red and yellow ties with their oxford shirts and cardigans, I quickly realized that every person in there was a teenager or older. It also was half and half male and female. All of these people grew up with the series and now were giving it a proper goodbye. I am just now getting started on the books, and have only seen (and then went out and immediately bought) the 7 movies just a few months ago. I cannot sit and say that my childhood was entwined with growing up side by side with Harry and his friends, but I could definitely feel the love and loyalty that so many there felt that night. My cousin (and one of my absolute bff's) beside me with tears rolling quickly down her face made me a little resentful for the fact that I hadn't read his books through my child and adolesence, because even at 23 years old I count Harry, Ron, and Hermonie as great friends. I remember countless years of Thanksgivings and Christmases where she lugged in the latest book and pored over it when we were all sitting around, and was so happy we were both able to go to the last one together -- especially since she'd never been to a midnight showing of any movie! But the fact that I ugly-cried, whimpered, and dug around in my bag for tissues at the last movie, having only invested the last 6 months in the series, spoke volumes to myself at how huge of an effect that 10 years of books and movies can have on someone.

Also -- hilarious!! I love hearing their version of an American accent and how stereotypical we seem, as I crack up over the fact that we always try to do their British one. And Tom Felton, who plays Draco (in the striped shirt with gray hoodie) reminds me sooo much of Matt my bf. His mannerisms, facial expression, and his whole look just screams him. He doesn't believe me lol.

and I just had to post this one because reading it and remembering that sweet episode, made me tear up! I'll always have a special place in my heart for the love of Jim and Pam on the Office!! <3

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  1. 'Spose you could look forward to The Hobbit. :D