Friday, June 8, 2012

Five for Friday

I am loving...


I have caught up on the entire series (2 seasons worth, and like 48 episodes!) in under a week. Needless to say, I am obsessed. The rabbit trail of stories that unfold and entwine, the amazing clothes, the friendships and relationships -- it is worth a second glance past the ABC Family channel.

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Danskin Now running shorts -- from WALMART for SEVEN bucks! They are nearly completely identical to the Nike shorts, or Norts (I compared them to my sister's Norts from an outlet), and only $7! I have 5 pairs, initally had a plain gray and plain black pair that I got while at the beach and needing a change of clothes. But was in my local store a few days ago, and saw some summer colors and scooped them up. They are amazing, and with my legs that are longer and skinnier than I'd like, they are actually long enough and cover up better than Soffies.

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I recently bought the ones on the left at Target, and upon trying them on at home I knew they looked familiar somehow. Leave it to one of my favorite blogs to show me the light -- they're nearly identical to the new Chloe's!

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Instagram is my obsession right now. Recently an Android version became available, and I already have almost 200 photos on it. My username is hannahoutlaw if you want to follow me. It's a great way to snap and save things from your life, and keep up with everyone.

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Only I would start and end with a tv show -- but trust me, I never steer people wrong -- TV is how I unwind and destress after a long day, and Breaking Pointe is amazingggg. It comes on the CW on Thursdays and there's only been 2 episodes, so it's an easy catch up. It's real life documentary from Salt Lake City's Ballet West, and it's so raw and devastatingly beautiful you get swept away so easily. The backstage practices, the off stage romances and friendships, the heartache and waiting to see if you get a contract renewal, the cliques, the interviews for other ballet productions that you pay for out of pocket, and the gorgeous backdrop of Salt Lake makes this a must see.


Also, so sorry I've been MIA, I've just really been using my site as a homebase to click through my following blog lists on a daily basis, but am trying to update again.

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