Sunday, June 24, 2012

Instagram the world

Completely obsessed. is a website that Nico, a Huffington Post executive editor, and his wife Karina created. He quit his job and they are traveling to 26 countries in 200 days, and instagramming the entire journey.

To say that I am living vicariously is a complete understatement -- leaving everything behind, traveling country to country with just an outline of travels and not a complete itenerary, a 200 day journey to foreign countries seeing the 7 Wonders of the World, living like locals, and being able to stretch it out and take your time?! That is my life long and complete dreammmmmm.

One day I WILL visit some of these amazing places, but let these just wet my appetite and semi-tie me over til then...

Yes people, I am OBSESSED!!!!! The rainbow over the falls, and Machu Picchu. My Lorddddd.

all images via or their instagrams @karinanewton and @nicopitney.

or you can follow me @hannahoutlaw with a guarantee that my photos are no where near that amazing.

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