Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Nostalgia

I really have no idea why I haven't posted lately... I have done absolutely nothing but read all day, watch DVRed shows, played outside, baked things, stayed up til 2 or 3 and slept til noon, and just tried to relish in my last ever guilt-free and workless summer.

Things I love about summertime (I HATE the hot heat that NC gets!!! It's been in the 90's forever it seems!!)

So far I have read
(simply amazing. couldn't put them down, read them back to back in less than a week, and felt so wierd and lost when they were over!! i recommend them to everyone!)
(gave me an even bigger travel bug, and makes me regret never studying abroad... minus her numerous foreign ...conquests lol)
(she is so hilarious, i had tears in my eyes. definitely a R-rated book at times though)
(more like a mag than i thought, but i still adore her)
(simply amazing. i am obsessed with her as it is, but hearing the story behind her gutsy-blatant-out-there vibe and all shes overcome, and the way she hilariously explains things is spot on)

Now reading

(kind of disappointing so far. i mean this is the sex & the city author for pete's sake!)
(really great so far, amazing to think these are all his posthumous work and he'll never get to know how huge they are)

And this few weeks I plan on watching ALL of these (as I've only seen a couple, and bits and pieces of the others)

in preparation of truly appreciating this

Also, our College/Career 20's & 30's group at church has been really great so far. It is amazing getting to surround yourself with people with the same religion, morals and values as yourself, as I feel that postcollege and just entering precareer, it is great to have a sturdy foundation. I love the group we've grown close with, and am excited to see all that is in store.

Favorite moment of the CMTs last week was Jason Aldean (who I love! no laughing!!!) and Luda, singing one of my favorite songs at the moment "Dirt Road Anthem" -- what a great mashup.

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