Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catching up

Lots have happened since my hiatus....

My 23rd birthday

My old car :( RIP my love (2005 light blue Mustang) -- I literally cried when I traded it in, it had a lot of recent problems and had gotten over 90k miles, but we had been through sooo much traveling back and forth from Wilm and was my home on wheels for 5 years of two degrees.
My new love (2010 white Jeep Liberty) -- only mine has chrome doorhandles and side mirrors, a darker tint on windows and some East Coast swag ;)

NYC with lots of food

read lots of books

seen lots of movies

and now I'm doing Bible School with a group of all boys with an average age of 6. they are like this
but they teach me really cute things like how to dougie, how to treat siblings (be nice only in front of your mom and dad!), draw on papers and write me sweet letters with cute backwards letters and misspellings the way they sound, and drew on a keychain duuring crafts for me, get so excited over playing basketball with a flat kickball with Matt, slurp juiceboxes, tell me wild and crazy stories all animated, and freestyle beatboxing raps while waiting to switch groups. Little boys use to scare me to death, and they are definitely wild and crazy jumping off of any and everything -- but I love their sticky little faces and holding their paint-covered hands. :)

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