Friday, March 4, 2011

Captivating Kate Hudson

Procrastinating packing for NYC in the morning by watching the last half of "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" with my sister, and besides the obvious hilarious jokes (the love fern) and the cuteness of McConaughy and Hudson and that iconic yellow dress that I dreamed of buying years later, it just reaffirms my love and adoration for Kate Hudson! She is beyond gorgeous and its so effortless it's sickening! :) I googled some pics and the first to pop up is my fav -- so naturally sunkissed and pretty, and it has a preppy feel to it.

I love her beachy waves!
I am a huge Rachel Zoe fan, and I love when she appears on her show to be dressed by her -- shes always so down to earth and friendly to her and her staff.
Her boho vibe that alludes to her iconic role in "Almost Famous"! Love it!
And best of all, shes a mom! and mommy to be! :)

Oh Kate, you are so fab and a true testament that by balancing career, hot body, mom, and business ventures -- you CAN have it all! Work it mama!

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