Thursday, March 10, 2011

Want It Wednesday

I am sooo sorry to be slacking! I've been in NYC since Saturday spring breaking it up! Will post soon about my travels but wanted to stay true to my blog and do my previously announced "Want It Wednesday" ...even though its now past midnight and is technically Thursday haha. So without further ado...

Marc Jacobs Hillier

This is just one of the many luxurious and amazing colors that it comes in, and I am not biased by any means -- I'd take one in ANY color it comes in!

I have been lusting over this bag for like years. Not even kidding. I don't care that it's a few seasons ago, I want it nowwww. I love hobo bags and this has the great buttery leather that you want to touch, is slouchy for everything and the kitchen sink, has a long strap for across your chest and a shorter one for your shoulder, and comes in any color under the sun. It is perfect. At almost 400 bucks a pop, it's definitely a little steep for me, but I fully plan on buying one with my very first paycheck as a nurse as a reward for the blood, sweat and tears of nursing school. This bag has been thumbed through in Google images, looked over and sharked at on Ebay, and lusted over as every girl in Manhattan was rocking one it seemed.
Oh Marc, you are simply fabulous!! Keep it up! <3

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  1. Nine West makes one just like that and I think I saw it either at Ross or TJ Maxx. You may be able to find that version pretty cheap.