Thursday, March 3, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

I love alliteration... in case you couldn't tell! And I fully intend on having a Monogram Monday, Want it Wednesday, and today starts the Three Things Thursday!! (say that 3x fast!)

First off is Adele's new cd, 21. It blows my mind that she is only a month older than me! Her first album, 19 and now this one, 21 were titled because of the age she was when she WROTE them! She is a lyrical genuis, and I found myself keeping her album on repeat on my ipod for months with her 1st album, and its already happening for this one! My personal favs is her remake of The Cure's Lovesong, Someone Like You, Turning Tables, and ofcourse her single Rolling In The Deep. I always watch Fashion Week on Livestream and it seems everyone used that song for their show!

My pink tulips! My house is currently on the market, and I am finishing up my degree and  then moving back home to work so I have been doing some major cleaning and making the house presentable for buyers. There's a first open house on Sunday and I figured what better way to make the hosue look cheery than some gorgeous tulip bouquets on my tables, they are my favorite next to peonies, and at 3 bouquets for 12$ at Harris Teeter you can't beat it!

Last but certainly not least is Coty's Air Spun Powder! I have been scouring drug stores looking for something new that will make my face look smooth with no lines, and keep the shine from my T-zone to a minimum. I was in Walgreen's and asked a lady and she recommended Coty's. Now i know what you're thinking -- how old is that stuff?? and it is! It was invented in the 1930s and I clearly remember my grandma powdering her nose before we went out. But yall this stuff is wonderful! The smell is clean, it goes on translucent so there's no guessing your color, it stays on without lines and feels weightless! I highly recommend it!!

What are your favorite things of the week?

xoxo, Hannah

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