Friday, March 18, 2011


Man I have been getting behind!! Here's my official catch up:

Want It Wednesday:

now that the warm weather is here, I want sandals!

I am in LOVE with these Lily Pulitzer Paige Ruffled Sandals! two of my favorite colors -- green and pink, and the cutest ruffle for spring! Out of my price point, but definitely something to look for in a similiar fashion. they also come in gold/silver.

shoes I DO plan on buying are Havaianas! I always live in Rainbows (I have 5 pair), but tried on a friend's Havaiana's a few days ago and couldn't get the cushiony goodness out of my mind! The only problem is narrowing it down to one color!

Three Things Thursday!
1) March Madness. My bracket is complete, I've joined the Sportsnation group on ESPN, and the trash talking has begun! So far the majority of my teams are doing well, and for the finals I have UNC, Duke, Pittburgh and Kansas, with Kansas upsetting Duke with an 87-78 win!

2) Glee Volume 5.  I am a huge Glee fan and cannot get enough of that show! The 5th album came out this past week and I immediately nabbed it up on itunes. I have every cd so far, and even go and buy songs individually that I love and weren't included on cds. Each time I say that the newest album is the best so far, but really I think this one is! My favorites are the "Thriller/heads will roll" mash up, Lady A's "need you now", Prince's "kiss", and one of my all-time favorite songs ever "landslide". But overall I was most impressed with the original songs "get it right" and "loser like me".

3) Ho ho cake. I have been having a hugeee craving for one for a while now, and decided tonight to just break down and make one from scratch. I tried two bakeries in my college town this week and noone had it so I figured what the heck? Hits the spot every. single. time. It's definitely one of my favorite cakes.

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