Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Oscar Sunday

Oscars are for women like the Superbowl is for men! (unless I like the team, then they're for me too!)
Gwyneth Paltrow can do no wrong in my book, so when she walked out in this statuesque gun metal silvery dress looking like a modern day Helen of Troy, I was captivated!! She was all about Calvin Klein in the 90's with her iconic dresses, so to go back to his namesake was amazing!

My other two pics were both stars from The Black Swan. Thought I never saw the movie -- scary thrillers that allude to schizophrenia are not my cup of tea. Granted I was a psych major, but I dont know that I'd want to see it play out! haha Natalie Portman is so divine to me, she is cute as a button and ridiculously gorgeous in the most unassuming way. Even better, she is so wonderfully intelligent and driven, the right amount of everytihng for a wonderful new baby! And Mila Kunis, from being hilarious Jackie on that 70's show, to playing Meg on Family Guy -- she can rock it all! My favorite look of hers lately was the gorgeous Alexander McQueen she wore at the SAG's, but this lavender flowly dress is a close close second!

My favorite picture of the night was at the Vanity Fair after party! It's like the dream team -- Cameron, Jude, and Gwyneth!!

What are your favorite picks?

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