Friday, March 25, 2011

Hey it's okay!

  • To still be afraid of bugs… and wish you still lived at home… so that Dad could kill it for you. Having to arm yourself with a swiffer, boots, and yellow gloves to kill a spider isn’t so funny.
  • To search for the hottest guy in every Starbucks, subway, cafe, restaurant, movie theater, grocery store, airport…
  • To decide what you will get for lunch by 10AM.
  • To dress like you’re going or have been to the gym today. But, you’re so NOT going. Sneaky, sneaky.
  • To think and act like you are still in college. 
  • To say you are still in college: flashing your college ID at J.Crew to get the 15% student discount is not a crime.
  • To freak out when you get a notification that your friend tagged you in 25 pictures from last weekend.
  • To hide a zit or tired eyes with a big smile and even bigger sunglasses.
  • To stay home, watch The Wedding Planner, and cook soup on a Friday night. Hey girl hey.

((This list is for girls after college and every. single. one. is me!))


  1. Jcrew has a student discount?!

  2. yes, its like 15% with your student id! i still keep my uncw in my bag.
    hardees and the movie theater has a student discuont too