Monday, March 28, 2011

Just an update...

I am so sporadic when it comes to blog posts! I always have some great idea during the day and then when I get all home and settled -- the idea is gone! So I've started writing down things in my planner and will see how it goes! :)
I am thrilled with all 2 of my followers! One of which is one of my longest and bestest friends since forever, and one who's blog I have been a longtime follower and admirer of, which is so flattering!! Please take the time to check out both of their blogs! Since I hadn't anticipated having a single follower, I am beyond happy with the response I've gotten, both with that and the world visits on my feed to the side. I iniitally had this blog as a way to vent or write about things that inspire me, if nothing else than an online journal of sorts. So it's been really neat getting to see others and update my own.

So without further ado, here are a few updates in my life:

  • Two friends and I went and saw Carmen on ballet this past weekend, and it was amazing!! They are so incredibly talented, it takes my breath away. I have always wanted to go see Juillard's senior production (after being a longtime reader of rockstar diaries! (!) so seeing local talent (and not-so-local considering half of them are from Hungary!) is awesome.

  • John Legend's version of Adeles's "Rolling in the deep" is beyond amazing! I have always loved him, have his 'Live from Philadelphia' album on repeat on my itunes, but his remakes are definitely a favorite of mine! Video is below!
  • Spring/Eastery nailpolishes have been at the forefront of my mind lately, and since I visit Target on the regular, have been taking all my spare change!! I am a huge fan of OPI and Essie, but a buyer of Sally Hansen lately! I painted my nails right after getting home on Thursday from an interview and from then to today have gotten 11 compliments (yes I counted because it's been kind of hilarious and neat!) on this! It's a lavender shade called "Lovely Lilac". (these are not my hands, they were just a picture of the closest color)

  • Bare Escentuals makeup. I am kind of obsessed!! I am a huge lover of Ulta, its one of the things I will miss about my time here once I moved (but that's a post for another time!) and always stop by to see what the latest thing is. I get emails from Ulta on promotions and coupons etc and have always been curious about the makeup from seeing it online, QVC (no laughing!), reading reviews (of which I've never read a single bad one!!) and a girl who's fashion I most definitely trust, Emily from! So I go in, start looking at the product, a girl comes up and offers to show me some stuff, and before I know it I am sitting in a chair and shes removing my makeup and applying it. In less than 5 minutes it is completely done and I am in love! It blends so easily, the skin tone is perfect, it stays on all day! I got the starter kit with the foundation, face color, mineral viel (which sets it), three makeup brushes, a booklet and dvd all for 60$. I am already surfing the web and making lists for what I am buying from the product next!

  • Mason jars for my makeup brushes! I have been looking for good makeup brushes from quite sometime (before my love of the above!) and found some awesome ones that don't break the bank! They are from Target, once again, and are called E.L.F., and at $1 (yes ONE dollar a piece!) you really cannot say no! I have seen brushes in upwards of 15$ to 30$, but these are amazing! I bought one of every one that they had and then wanted to display them. I got some Mason jars my mom had lying around a la and put them in. Some were shorter than others so I started looking around the house for stuff to fill it with and settled on rice! it works PERFECT! you can stick the longer brushes further in the rice, and the shorter ones on top. here is a great article on ways to use it I have a bigger one with brushes and liquid tube concealer, etc. for my face, and a smaller one with brushes, eyeliner, mascara, etc. for my eyes.

(not my picture but basically exactly what I did!)

  • Interview for a job! Nursing graduation is almost here! We have taken our grad pictures, sent off our nursing applications, videoed our senior projects, and officially have 2 tests and 3 clinical days left! I have started the interviewing process, gotten my recommendations in, my resume finished and looked over and over, and done my interview for my dream job -- down the road from where i live and close by friends and family, so please please keep your fingers crossed! I hear back this week!

Update me with your life, I love you all!!


  1. I never get the updates when you've posted! I just try to come back and check every few weeks. Anyway, I use mason jars in my bathroom to hold q-tips and hair bands/pins. They're pretty awesome. :)

  2. Umm I absolutely love Adele but I'm totally digging this new version. Downloading ASAP!