Thursday, March 10, 2011

Travel Tips

Since just getting back from New York for like the 5000th time. (My mom, sister and I go at least once a year... sometimes twice). Traveling through Delta and the hurry up and wait of it all made me think of all the little tips I've learned along the way from others, and unfortunately myself.

1) First off is something my mom learned the hard way. Having your luggage not arrive when you do, and forcing yourself to try in vain to track the bag and buy random things at gift shops. Put a change of clothes in your carry on. Trust me. All it has to be is some jeans, a tshirt and undergarments. Your clothes you currently have on (see #3) will suffice all else, so these 3 things won't take up much space and will be greatly appreciated.

2) One word - headphones. There is nothing worse than getting on an airplane with a screaming child, talkative duo, fidgety people, or all 3. Headphones are your one true loyal friend and will be there for you every. single. time. Use those bad boys to listen to music, watch videos, whatever. Any type of noise cancelling will may the flight more bearable -- or ear plugs, those can work too.

3) Good plane clothing attire. With long flights and going through security (which I am totally appreciative of, and think is totally necessary), it is important to be the poster child of comfort. I get hot natured on flights because of the close quarters, breathing the same air, and the fact that I'm claustophobic, but these rules apply to EVERYONE. I always wear layers, that way whether it's hot or cold you are set! I start with a short sleeved shirt for those hot moment and add layers with a cardigan, then either a pullover/sweater/jacket. This way the cardigan stays on and the jacket can be pulled off and stowed in my bag, or used as a pillow, or as a blanket depending on the temperature. Next is comfy pants, I normally don't wanna be that slouchy sweatpants wearing uggs rocking girl (though I own both and absolutlely loveeeee them), unless this is an international flight -- then anything goes! So to be comfortable I opt for khakis/black etc. chino pants or cords in the winter. Both are comfy but still stylish. I opt for the capris in the summer because my legs stay cold, or the leggings with a longer tshirt to cover enough are comfy and stylish. For shoes I go with anything slip on -- whether it be uggs, flats, danskos, mocassins, sperrys etc. anything you can slip on and off and not have to fiddle with and tie. Boots, sneakers, etc are all no gos in my book. Especially going through security you wanna already have your jacket in your bag with just your cardi on, and have your shoes easily slipped off and on.

4) An empty water bottle. Not only does this cut down on costing you 5-10 bucks everytime you want a drink, but its also good for the environment and keeps you hydrated throughout the flight. The big reason for it being empty is so that it'll get through security safely without them making you through it out. I just toss an empty one in my bag and then after security I hop on over to the water fountain and fill it up. The longer I sit, I keep refilling, but it is definitely worth it. My trip in NYC was met with high prices like usual, and it was nice to just simply fill and refill my bottle and not have to constantly shell out money for water (which is all I drink besides juices, milk, and sweet tea) and instead use that money on goods! :)

5) An excellent use of space, money, and goods is flattening a duffel bag and putting it in the bottom of your roller suitcase. This idea is genuis. When my mom, sister and I go to NYC it is shopping central (hello Mango, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Macy's, white tent sale, and ChinaTown!) so flattening a duffel bag and putting it in your suitcase is great because as you buy things you take it out and put them in it and use to it bring those things back as your bag #2. We normally all 3 pack duffels and then use 2 for goods and 1 for dirty clothes so it's separate from our clean ones. This also gives you no excuse to not buy that item you're looking after, but talking yourself out of because of space. ;)

6) Rolling your clothes, and using dry cleaner sheaths.  You know those clear plastic things that dry cleaners put your dresses and whatever else in? Keep them! When you pack, ROLL EVERYTHING! (also, Roll Tide!!!! I love Bama.) Rolling it minimizes space and helps pack more! :) I am queen of packing for EVERY SINGLE THING the weather can come at me. I don't care if it's gonna be 90 degrees and sunny, I am packing one closed toe shoe, one pair of jeans, and my rain jacket. When we vacationed in San Fran last year, I was the ONLY ONE prepared for the unusually crazy cold weather because I brought jeans, a jacket, and mocassins. Bring ONE of each thing for each type of weather and you are always set! And by rolling them, you can! This past week it got down to the 30s and rained sideways at one point, and I had gear for it all. And those dry cleaner sheaths you say? Use those BETWEEN the layers of rolled clothes to avoid wrinkles. They're also great for laying out dresses or suits flat because you'll literally have NO wrinkles. Genuis.

7) Pack a surge protector. Out of them all, this is probably my favorite tip. A surge protector is genuis for your hotel room to plug in your charger for your phone, laptop, camera, ipad, hairdryer, straightener, mini tv, or whatever else you have. Not only is it all in one place where you can easily find EVERY thing electronic you own -- but it's also great because you arent blindly fiddling behind the dresser, bed, tv console, etc. unplugging lamps, tvs, heaters, etc. in order to charge first your phone, then your ipod, etc. It is amazinggg. We permenently keep one in our bags to bring with us everywhere.

So that's it! ...or all I can think of at the moment. I will add and relink to this post as I remember things! What are your great tips?? I would LOVE to hear them!!


  1. The duffel bag tip is a pretty good one. I roll my clothes even in my drawers sometimes because it looks neater than folding and having the stacks topple all over each other, but I don't know if I can be studious enough to roll sheets into them.

  2. i dont travel that often, but my fave is the earphones. It RELAXES me whenever im on a plane, hate flying to tell you the truth! :)))) Great tips!