Monday, March 14, 2011

Monogram Monday

I ADORE monograms, like seriously. I want them on everything, and can always spot them in stores. Someone with that kind of crazy obsession, one would think that my house would be covered no? Think again. My monogramed initials are HOS. That's right, Hos!! How terrible and disappointing is that?! Granted the regular way is HSO, but when you monogram it and switch the S to put the big O in the middle you get the essence of a street walker! So since I don't want that label slapped on everything under the sun, I'll be content to admire from afar and watch til I'm married to get a better combo of initials. :) So on a weekly basis I'll be upating with some new monogrammed thing that catches my eye.

Here are a few of my favorites:

monogrammed rings are so classic. i use to visit Swoozies before they closed and look at all the shapes and styles they come in!

This pearl monogrammed bedding from Pottery Barn has been my favorite for years! It goes on sale like twice a year and is even more gorgeous in person. I definitely plan on getting it in the sandstone brown with the matching sheets! :)

monogrammed Stephen Bonanno sandals!! I have the regular ones in silver, and have been thinking of getting them in gold as well, but what sets Bonannos apart from Jack Rogers is the monogramming! With every color combination under the sun to pick from, these are amazing!

monogrammed shower curtain! these are available all over, but look so clean and sleek in a bathroom! I think just the last name looks best.

monogrammed trailer hitch! how cute is this? i find the monogram license plates to be kind of tacky, but having it small and out of the way is kind of an unexpected thing on a car.

and ofcourse the popular monogramed LL Bean bags! they come in every color under the sun and are in so many monogram styles and bag sizes. even better, they are cheaper when you buy in bulk!

monogrammed necklaces. i love how the letters are entwined in these!

like the shower curtain, i love the simplicity of just the last name letter on a mailbox.

monogrammed wreaths. i love how people make these from styrofoam or cardboard letters by covering them with moss. i have a regular circle wreath hanging from my fireplace that i made just like this, but i love the idea of this for a wedding! definitely an idea to use for my future one one day.

monogrammed headboard! though i think having it with the pottery barn bedding would be excessive (even I would find it crazyyy!) i love this idea. one of the blogs i follow, recently did this with a headboard they reupholstered and i wanted to kick myself because i had just made one for Matt's bed a few months ago and didn't think of it!

and lastly, a favorite from my favorite season! monogrammed pumpkins for the fall!! i painted both of these pumpkins -- the first for my bf's house, and the second for my mom.

as for favorite monogram style, it has to be the circle! i love ittt!
Monograms I DON'T like: those front license plates with the dots, the cling decals that people put on walls in their houses, and soap.
So now that I've put you in initial overload and have you hating all things with them, what is it you love? *(Or at least, loved before reading this post?) :)

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