Thursday, April 7, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1) Real World Vegas. I am obsessed. Like, I rushed home from clinical, took a quick shower, and ate in my bed while I watched it from being taped last night obsessed. Yes I am a huuuuuge tv junkie, it's how I unwind after a stressful day -- pajamas, face washed, lavender candle lit, some sort of snack, and one of my huge numbers of shows on a daily basis... at like 8pm. yes i'm like a 70 year old in a 22 year olds body. I'm usually super anti stuff like that, but for some reason this one has sucked me in. I think the biggest part of it is that I feel that I truly know EVERY one of those people -- they seriously remind me of close people i know (majority of whom i've done out of my life!) and it drives me insaneeeee! The douchiness of Adam, the beautiful-nieveness of Nany, the bluntness of Leroy, the bohemian-out there Naomi, the nice-quiet-guy Michael, and my ultimate two favorites I've been pulling for since the SECOND I saw them separately and thought "mannn they'd be a great couple!" Heather and Dustin. She is so adorably pretty it is insane, theyd have great babies! It just makes me feel super old watching this because I've seen seasons off and on for years and they've always seemed SOOO much older than me, and now 3/4 of them are my age or younger! It's crazy how time flies!

2) Walmart Candles. I mean why am I just now truly discovering this?! I am a huge huge lover of candles, probably because my mom never wanted any lit in the house (which is also probably why I want an inside dog haha) but I normally avoid Walmart like the plague because of the huge crowds, I was home last weekend and in one of the small towns theres a Walmart with hardly anyone in there, front row parking, and no lines at the register ie: Heaven! They have seasonal candles and they are only 5$ a piece!! insane!! I stocked up and bought one for all the seasons in Mainstays -- Cherry Blossom for Spring, Honeysuckle for Summer, an extra Spring/Summer of Coconut Lime, Pumpkin Spice for Fall, Pine for Winter, and Lavender (which i adore!) for my bedroom for tv time (as seen above haha!) I would be lying if I said I didn't plop right down with my basket in front of the candle aisle and pop open all the tops to smell and decide on scents! From someone that's been paying wierd amounts for Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works, this is amazing! They also have reed diffusers (which my boyfriend and his roomates thought you lit the ends of the sticks ON FIRE to have the smell! thank God they didnt own one!), and a set of two large jars candles and two smalls for 10 bucks!
3) My last day as a Student Nurse. I could not be more thrilled, emotional, scared, and uncertain of my day today! It was officially my last day to wake up at 5:30 (usually 5:45 or 50) to get ready and be on the floor taking report at 6:45am! It was my last day with 5 patients giving meds, and wearing our white scrub pants (who does that?!) I will miss my floor and the amazing nurses that I have learned so much from, as well as my closeknit clinical group and one of the most hilarious, kind, and patient instructors ever -- but I am so glad to be closing that chapter in my book, and focusing on studying the last two exams ...and waking at a decent hour when the sun is actually up, instead!! Truly a "three things Thursday" pick!!
I am jumping up and down a la "Love Actually"!! haha

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