Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1) Easter treats. I'm not biased when it comes to much of anything -- especially candy. So Easter is as good of a time as any to enjoy them to their fullest! Here are some of my favs:

hollow chocolate bunny. hands down, my favorite! i normally slowly (or quickly if a test is forthcoming) go through like 3 of these through the Easter season. Also, Target's Godiva version is to die for!

Peeps. I'm not a huge marshmellow person, but I LOVE the new chocolate-covered ones (go figure!) and try to incorporate them into things such as chopping them up when i make smore's bars, placing them in clear vases with flowers as a display, using them in place of regular ones when making rice krispies, etc. One of my friends clued me in on a tip -- if you take them out of the package and let them sit a little before eating, the sugar crystals make them wonderfully crunchy!

peepshow! hilarious!

Cadbury eggs. I stock up on these like it's the Apocolypse. amazinggggg.

Reese's eggs. Though the Christmas trees are my favorite (they have the harder edges and a better chocolate to PB ratio, the eggs are a close second!

2) The perfect straw bag. They're always too large, too small, too beach-carry-on, too much flowers/tropical adornments, or are completely open and don't have a zipper or snap to attach. So I think this year I'm just going to make a fastener for one. I want a purse, not a beach bag and finding one that looks good and not touristy is so hard! I recently saw a good one at Target, and I may just sew a zipper in it and attach a scarf.

3) The Country Strong soundtrack! I get grief all the time for my country music obsession, but the twangy-er and slower it is, the more I love it! So it goes without saying that Garrett Hudlund completely floored me in that movie! His slow, twangy "silver wings" and "timing is everything" were perfection. I love everything he sang! I knew Leighton Meester and Gwyneth Paltrow were singers prior to this, but they were amazing as well! I'm going to end up buying both soundtracks on itunes. My favorites are Sara Evan's "a little bit stronger", Garrett's "chances are", Leighton's "words I couldn't say", Gwyneth's "coming home", her and Tim McGraw's "me and Tennessee", and my most favorite was Leighton and Garrett singing "give into me", video below! Their chemistry was so amazing! Note -- if you're not a fan of country music, you won't care for this at all lol.

Coming up -- my house tour, a project Matt and I have been working on, recent items I purchased/am obsessed with, and next week's 3 Things Thursday will be of Will and Kate :)

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