Thursday, April 28, 2011

3 Things Thursday

With my last unit test and project presentations officially over, I now have time to fully invest in studying myself crazy til my final exam on Monday. I did the math and I just need a 62 or better to pass nursing school -- but with the reputation of how hard these finals are, I still need every ounce of prayer!! So it's a quick watch of who gets booted off of Idol, taping Greys, and bawling my eyes out at the departure of Michael Scott on The Office, then off to bed to get up at 4am for the wedding festivities!!!
Without further ado, my 3 things!

1) ELF Eyeliner Pen. This thing is genuis!!! I love the look of liquid eyeliner, but applying it makes me look like I got punched. Hench, the eyeliner PEN is genuis! I have it in black and brown because I tend to layer my eyeliners (I have eyeliner in every color -- black, brown, navy, teal, royal blue, raisin purple, charcoal, and emerald) and this makes the look = perfection! Plus you can get it at Target for only a buck! Yes, $1!! Their whole line of makeup, brushes, and eye products is amazing and cheap!

2) Moroccan Oil Hair Mask. I bought this at Sally's for about 7 bucks and use it once a week. After you wash your hair and get out of the shower, you just put about a quarter size or more (depending on hair length, texture, coverage, etc.) and let it set 7-10 minutes and then wash off and blowdry/style as normal. It is AMAZING!! I've always been a fan of Moroccan Oil shampoo/conditioner etc. but a weekly hair mask strips all the gunk from numerous washing, wind, dirt etc. and revamps.

3) Essie's Chinchilly. I am a huge fan of dark nails (my two absolute favorites are the ever-popular OPI's Lincoln Park After Dark -- a deep plum hue, and OPI's You Don't Know Jacques -- a dark gray with hints of brown) but don't want the goth/emo look that coincides with them. Chinchilly is perfect for spring/summer because it's a lighter shade of gray, almost borderlining on a pastel hue!

(not my hands -- it's even lighter of a shade on me)

-- Runner Up: Garnier's Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Roller. This is amazing!! It's an eye roller with caffeine infused in it to brighten eyes and reduce under eye circles (it's hereditary for me) and it's a bonus concealer!! Love it!! I've never tried the regular green one with the clear liquid, but after this one is gone I'll be trying that. I bought this at Target for about $10 a few weeks ago.

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