Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Couple shots :)

Mackenzie Horan over at Design Darling,, posted pictures from a photography group called Bobbi and Mike. They were showing their top 50 favorite couple shots of 2010 and I couldn't be more floored.
First off, theres nothing I love more than scanning through wedding and couple pictures. all. day. long. (Hello Style Me Pretty and the hours I have put off studying!!!)

So without further ado, please please click on over and check them out! I have put below a few of my floor-me favorites!

#50 -- i instantly knew it was chicago when I spotted the Sears Tower (or whatever it's called now) but i love the skyline and them in corresponding grays.

#49 (im not putting all 50 i promise haha!) i just adore the expression on his face!!! boy is in love and it is written all over him!
#47 This could be something in a Southern Living spread. So Mrs and Mr Cleaver!
#46 (I don't know why I like all their higher-up numbers than their lower ones!) But this one literally made me gasp!! I ADOREEEE it! Its like the city is so tranquil and this moment was caught of them.

#26 I love this one because it instantly reminds me of my Papa's rows and rows of fields as far as the eye can see. This shot of them is amazing.

#22 my 2nd favorite of them all!! I love the idea of being with shelves and shelves of books like this! such a great idea! and their combo of plaid and her head scarf is like something out of a Gap ad! I adore it!
#15 i can't ever resist a good skyline.

As you can probably tell by the ones I skipped over, I am not a fan of majorly posed photos, or of jumping for that matter lol. But I definitely adored every single one of these!! Whats even better is that each scene and prop used is of special importance to the couple. I am a longtime follower of a local photographer, Kellie Kano at and she always puts the couples story in there to show you (ie: movie theater where they met, or icecream shop where he proposed etc.)

ahh it is love!!

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  1. I used to love Style Me Pretty too! I really like couple shots as well and I think my favorite one was a shoot done in a laundrymat with the couple wheeling each other around in the carts and wearing just casual, nerdy outfits with comic book tshirts. Totally something me and Will would do.