Friday, April 22, 2011

Things that excite me

I met my boyfriend for lunch today and he nearly jumped out of his skin and then laughed uncontrollably as I nearly swerved into the other lane at seeing the first shaved ice stand finally open for summer. So after our near death experience it got me thinking -- what turns my head and has me shrieking in sheer joy?

Shaved ice stands (my fav is half pina colada, half strawberry daiquiri)

The hot sign at Krispy Kreme, I have been known to do a complete u-turn in traffic (hello NC! they were invented in Winston Salem) my favs are the choc glazed, dk choc, and cinnamon)

In-N-Out Burger. When my fam when to San Francisco last year it was like a true life Pavlov. Everytime I spotted that yellow arrow and sign, I made a beeline to grab an animal-style burger with pickle and onions. I think I ate like 6 of them while we were there, and was having withdrawal for weeks. I can't wait til we go back to the west this year so I can rehash my love. (Hello great cardiac nurse lol)

Pinkberry. Oh my goshhhhh. I had it for the first time in NYC a few years back, and now I have all the locations on lock for my visits there. We were about to get on the subway once and I ran back up the stairs going the wrong way of traffic, just to hop in quickly and grab a cup. my favorite toppings are brownie, cheesecake, coconut, groanola, fruity pebbles, and waffle cone.

Homegoods. This isn't food -- it's a shopping mecca! They have all kinds of amazing things for your house from art, furniture, bath accessories, sheets, towels, and all kinds of luxe sit abouts -- all at discount prices and never the samething in any of their stores. I make a beeline everytime. All my house stuff is usually from there, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, Pier 1, or vintage places.

Cracker Barrel. There's nothing like that familiar sign on an interstate -- where the food is like home cooking, you know it all tastes the exact same at every location, and the sweet tea is always my welcome home gift when we get back from the airport and I haven't had it in days. My favorite is the meatloaf with hashbrown casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy and fried okra.
Antique Malls. Granddaddy's, Father and Son, Theives Market, Sanford, and Hillsborough are some of my favorites -- but a good kept secret is the open antique market on Saturdays during the summer in Raleigh at the convention center where vendors lay their stuff all out and it's never the same twice. Also in NYC is the White Tent Sale during the summer on Sundays by Rockefeller.
Target. especially the Super ones! I live and breathe Target, I could literally walk around in that store all day! Their clothes, their home stuff, their bath and kitchen, their food, their shoes and jewelry -- and it's all so dang convenient!!

Trader Joe's. Can you say amazing sauces, jams, condiments, dressing, and jellies, organic everything, and unbeatable prices?!

Joann's Fabrics. Their stuff is the bestttttt! They have every type of fabric there and its always my stop for any and every project I have.

Panera Bread. I live for their soups of the day and have yet to have one I didn't love!!! I go there a lot during the winter and stock up on to-gos of each kind. My favs are their tomato basil, potato, french onion, and black bean. Also their roast beef sandwich, their salad with balsamic, and their chocolate crossaints.
What makes you switch lanes?

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  1. We SO need a Pinkberry. I don't understand how there's not one in the Raleigh area but I think there's one in Greensboro so I may go out of my way to snack there when I have to drive to class.

    I love TCBY too. Mmm, healthy yummies.