Monday, April 25, 2011

Bow tie Beast

I am officially a bowtie beast!! I talked Matthew into getting one to wear for Easter, and as luck would have it -- they were having a sale at Belk's and he got a pink striped one for 10 bucks!! We initially went in to get one and some seersucker pants (which, up until last year, he thought was a name brand! hahah)  because he has loads of them in shorts, but no formal wear. Lo and behold the bowties were front and center, and with some bargaining -- we bought one. The only problem is that we wanted one that was already done and you just tie it on, but there were none. Back at home, bowtie strings in tow, and some consulting from Youtube and you can officially call me the master!!! I literally can do them with my eyes closed now -- not even kidding!! and now Matt is totally into them and planning on buying them in every color, for the win!!!

Also, I don't know why my neck is all leaned in like that!! it ticks me off! I guess because we had it on a timer and I was running back and forth??? gross.


Here's the youtube video we used -- Lucky Lovinson from Columbia, SC complete with an awesome wardrobe and stellar accent! He is too cute!!

Also a good visual from Southern Proper

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