Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Want It Wednesday

Initially my "want it" thing was going to be a job at the hospital -- but since God provided that so amazingly and I will be starting in July -- I had to think of something else! An amazing predicament to have!

So since I'll be living in an apartment when I get back and have been wanting one since the beginning of time -- my "want it" is a dog!!

Needless to say, I am pretty unbiased when it comes to what type. I don't want anything super large because I want to be able to pick it up when need be, nothing too long-haired so it's not shedding all the livelong day, sweet to everyone and good natured, and active but not too active (because I'm not that athletic and active haha). I know I plan on getting one from the pound or rescue shelter, if its not from a family or friend because the cost is cheaper, its saving their life, and you can get it spayed/neutered right there.

This is what I have it down to:

Pitbull --now I know all the negative connotations, but they are the nicest and sweetest dogs in the world. My uncle's dog has some mixes every couple of times a year and they are the most wonderful dogs ever, I may get one from him.
French Bulldog --I fell in love with these seeing one on a Pedigree or Iams commercial. They are so cute and cuddly and a perfect size. I am not into yappy dogs so these are a good fit, still hardy and disaster free.
Bulldog --I'm a big UGA fan and can't get enough of these! There's one in Matt's neighborhood and he cracks me up to no end! So cute and wrinkly and cuddly!
Lab --I have wanted a chocolate lab foreverrrr! and since the bf has his house on the lake and with a boat, they are the perfect water dogs. He's had labs his whole life growing up, and they are so good natured and loyal and sweet.

Longterm, I definitely plan on having two dogs. A smaller one and a larger one, so the chocolate lab is probably going to be a longterm buy since I want a smaller one for my apartment.

Any suggestions on which to get? or a better idea for a breed?

(I had always wanted a Huskie, but it gets soooo dang hot in NC that it'd be torture for them! :(


  1. I agree with all of your puppy options! We were lucky enough to find our puppy as a rescue. She is so perfect!
    Good luck with the search!

  2. Labs probably aren't the best choice for apartment living because, especially as puppies, they're super energetic and can be really hard to train.

    If you like Pitbulls and Bulldogs, you should consider a Staffordshire Terrior. They're a mixture of American Bulldog and Pitbull and they're not a restricted breed among most apartment communities. They're super sweet and cute and have all the personality of both breeds. They're about the same size as a pitbull.

  3. Also, not all shelters spay and neuter. Marco definitely was not and while it's nice to get a dog from a shelter, everyone will tell you they're eventually more expensive than buying a pure bred because mixed breeds often come with a lot of medical issues. Often the way they're kept at shelters makes the dogs likely to have parasites and that makes for a messy recovery when you bring it home (this I know from experience). So it's a bittersweet deal.

    Just make sure you have a talk with the shelter volunteers about where the dog came from and under what circumstances it was brought there, ask if they know of any medical history, and if possible, take the dog for a walk or spend time with it outside its kennel, interacting with other dogs...again, if possible. You want to try to be sure it's a good fit for you and is friendly with other animals and people.

  4. I decided to get a dog from a breeder for my first, as you have a better idea of the temperament you'll be getting. Otherwise, I would have skipped right over to the pound! My parents have always had Golden Retrievers, and so I went that route. I wanted something big and cuddly, and Stella is that. :) I raised her in an apt, and we did lots and lots of walking and dog parks, but with any dog, the barking can drive neighbors insane. Luckily (somehow), she wasn't a barker and still isn't. She does, however, hate hate hate swimming. She's "special"... :) I love her to death, but she is a retriever and hates water?? Oh well, I'd trade that easily for all of the awesome traits she has!
    One of my good friends has a miniature English Bulldog. He's a nice dog, but is a destructor with anything he gets his huge mouth on! :)